For Professionals

We offer a wide range of possibilities to professionals. Are you in the advertising/gadget business? Or are you a graphic designer that wants to add another dimension to their work? Then we are the perfect partner you are looking for.

Become a printaname reseller:

We are looking to expand our activities. We offer resellers a very nice markupĀ  on sold products. Furthermore we offer you as a reseller an easy way to order your printaname product, free of hassle. You order, we take care of the rest.

Custom 3d-prints:

Does the printaname original design not meet your customers demand ? No problem. We will help you with the design your customer wants and offer you a competing price. You decide at what price you sell it. That is your freedom of working with We have years of experience in modelling for 3d printing. From mechanical parts to organic parts, we have what you need.

Feel free to contact us at sales at printaname dot com ( sorry spambots and e-mail spiders )